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Project Description
EzBus A true peer-to-peer token-bus serial communication protocol library intended to work on the RS-485 physical layer. Designed to run on resource constrained micro-controllers.
CARIBOU RTOS A so called "Real Time" Preemtive Threaded Scheduler and collection of support services for ARM and RISC-V microcontrollers.
BRISCITS A Basic RISC Intrinsic Time Scheduler | Lightweight preemtive multi-tasking for RISC-V micro-controllers.
libs19 Small Motorola S19 Record Reader
libzpu A Virtual Machine library for the ZPU architecture as defined by ZyLin Inc. With virtual memory interface.
libemu816 A C++ 65C816 Emulator Library
komport A serial port communications and vt102 terminal emulator build with Qt5 application framework.
OpenNIC Wizard OpenNIC (a.k.a. "The OpenNIC Project") is an organization of dedicated volunteers who run an alternative DNS network.

My Hardware Designs

High Power Long Range Ultrasonic Transducer With DSP Function and RS-485 EzBus Interface
High Power Ultrasonic Transducer #1 High Power Ultrasonic Transducer #2 High Power Ultrasonic Transducer #3 High Power Ultrasonic Transducer #4

Industrial Controller with CAN Bus, RS-485, and 4-20ma outputs.
Industrial Controller #1

Industrial Ethernet to RS-485 Gateway
Ethernet Gateway #1 Ethernet Gateway #2

Industrial Ethernet Controller
Ethernet Controller #1

Sport Drone Analog Video Instrumentation Overlay Generator
AeroBud #1 AeroBud #2 AeroBud #3 AeroBud #4 AeroBud #5 AeroBud #6 AeroBud #7 AeroBud #8 AeroBud #9

    Version: 3.1
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    ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------